Bright Minds is a family focused childcare group which aims to not only provide the best care for children but to also provide valuable support for parents. We achieve this through a highly experienced team of practitioners with strong interpersonal skills alongside a state-of-the-art technology platform that can cater to the requirements of parents.

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Parent engagement

We understand that even once you have found a nursery which you are comfortable with, it is not easy to leave your child each day. As such, we believe it is important to build strong, interactive partnerships with parents to ensure you are, at all times, an integral part of the nursery experience for your child and their learning journey with us.

A critical part of our parent engagement is providing ‘touchpoints’ during the time children are in our care so that parents can gain comforting, informative and enjoyable updates and photos via their mobile advice, accessed at your discretion and in your own time. The mobile platform (an easy to navigate app called Famly as detailed below) also enables parents to learn about what their child has done throughout their day at Bright Minds.

Key features of Famly:

  • Daily observations by practitioners including photo and video memories which parents can keep for a lifetime.
  • View and track your child’s learning journey through regularly updated information from their key worker.
  • Full recording of a child’s health movements, including sleep and eating patterns, which can be used at their next doctor’s appointment.
  • Multiple administrative functions including seamless management and payment of invoices and an online session booking system.
  • Calendar feature allows the nursery to send reminders for holiday or event RSVPs without needing to phone.
  • A search function which allows you to look back throughout your child's duration at the nursery.
  • Send direct messages between parents and management, or enable contact to specific staff.