Toddler Room Leader

I am a Level 3 qualified early years practitioner and have been working in early years for 12 years.

I come from a very large family and being one of the eldest of 20 grandchildren, I was often tasked with babysitting my cousins whilst also being the big sister of three siblings. Children have always been a part of my day to day life which is still the case now with 7 nieces and nephews.

Prior to working in the early years sector, I managed a large retail store; this experience has really helped me to develop my customer service skills, gain business management experience and build leadership skills to ensure that we uphold the company values and ethos to ensure that our customers are at the centre of the service we offer.

I feel my knowledge and up bringing has put me in good stead for my role. Working with children is so rewarding, to watch them develop and grow is a pleasure to see – from how they learn, to them becoming their own individual selves! Being a part of a child’s learning journey, growth and development truly brings me joy.

I want to pursue my career further and practice and learn more in the early years sector as every day is a new learning journey, not just for myself but for the children I care for on a day to day basis. As part of my role at Bright Mind, I am the health and safety co-ordinator and take responsibility for co-ordinating this service across the nursery.