I describe my idea of providing care and education by referring to a quote from Maria Montessori which states: “The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experience”.

I have always had a deep interest and fascination in supporting the child’s learning and development path. After I graduated in 2011 in Italy with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Education, I had a chance to gain work experiences with children and young people aged between 0-15 years.

Working with different age groups made me nurture a great interest in working with early years and this is for me a reason of motivation and enthusiasm in my daily routine as a floor leader for toddler and pre-school children.

I have always felt very inspired by Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia’s early-childhood educational models which offer an alternative and child-centred approach to early years development. In both these models, children are encouraged to use their senses to explore and direct their educational experience. Within my role at Bright Minds Daycare as a key person, I believe it is fundamental to know my key children and their interests, to support them and ‘scaffold’ their learning. Having clear planning within the room layout, reachable resources for the children, educating them respecting the environment through recycling activities, finding sustainable ways to learn and explore, and using materials from the natural environment, are part of my idea of education.

In the past four years working within early years in the UK, I have also gained experience covering the SENCO coordinator role supporting children with special needs. I believe that every child is an individual with the potential to develop, and by promoting equal opportunities, ensuring the environment and the activities are adapted to children’s specific needs, we can provide every child with their best start in life.

In addition to this, I consider myself a creative person with a great interest in art, design and physical development as a form of expression. I have been taking ballet classes for 10 years; I started when I was 5 years old. I have been practicing yoga for the past three years and I believe that these physical activities can be very beneficial to develop children’s confidence, body awareness and muscle strengths, as well as improve sleep patterns and attention span.

Within Bright Minds Daycare I am responsible of delivering ballet, yoga and Italian classes as extra-curricular activities.