Co Manager

I have worked in the education sector for 8 years. I have worked with children from birth to 16 years and during this time I have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge in regard to supporting the needs of children with additional needs and behavioural difficulties. My main experience comes from working with under 2 year olds; I am really passionate about this age group and I find it a privilege to be a part of their early learning journey, as the first 5 years of a child’s life is when they learn appropriate behaviour, boundaries, empathy and many other important social skills that will remain with them. Working with the under 2s also gives me the opportunity to work alongside parents and support them with developing their child’s routines, with the focus being on breastfeeding, sleep and weaning.

As well as working with children I have obtained a high level of management experience working as a weekend manager for a large well-known retailer which has helped me gain knowledge and a range of skills from managing a staffing team of approximately 50 employees, to conducting recruitment prosses and carrying out other business HR and administrative duties to support the growth of the business. This has helped me grow within Bright Minds and progressing into Baby Floor Leader/Deputy Manager from a practitioner, whilst gaining able to showcase and implement these skills to support the successful running of the nursery.

I have gained a BA Hons degree in Childhood Studies. During this degree, the modules I have studied have been focused around behaviour management, creativity and play, communication, language and literacy, and children’s brain and cognitive development. Looking in-depth into how children think, explore and figure things out whilst gaining knowledge, skills and the ability to problem solve which helps them understand and put into perspective the world around them.

I am currently working towards my Masters in Education and Learning and will focus my dissertation around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, studying the pros and cons and looking at a range of ways in which it can be developed to better suit the needs of all children regardless of any additional needs they may have.