Bright Minds Daycare is pleased to announce the opening of its wonderful new nursery in Moseley, conveniently located on Wake Green Road and just off Moseley high street.

Bright Minds Daycare is an independent nursery group created to provide families with high quality, rich and stimulating nursery environments that offer a high level of care, support and learning facilities for children during their Early Years.

Our balanced and tailored curriculum blends key elements of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, the Curiosity Approach and Forest School learning to ensure each child’s unique learning and development needs are best supported.

At the heart of Bright Minds’ ethos and culture lies our family focus; through strong parent partnerships we try to create a sense of community and togetherness whereby all staff, children and parents are part of the ‘Bright Minds family’.

The Moseley setting follows the Bright Minds’ approach to creating magical environments which include light, spacious rooms to give children freedom whilst sparking their creativity and imagination, separating each age group to ensure learning and development needs are supported effectively, and creating a ‘home-from-home’ ambience to reduce anxiety and make children comfortable.

Key features at the nursery include:

The outdoor space has been converted into a magical learning environment focused around nature! The extensive outdoor ‘forest garden’ features a mud kitchen and nature exploration area, fire pit with log seating, a huge yurt for story-time, construction area, segregated all-weather baby garden (direct access from the Baby Room) and so much more.

The Performance Room is always a favourite amongst children, parents and staff; the sweeping clouds and birds are designed to ‘transport’ children into a magical world where quite literally, the sky’s the limit! Here children are encouraged to engage and express their creative energy, be it an inner thespian, musical prowess or just their maverick nature!

The Parent Room is a key factor in supporting our family focus and helps bring parents and staff together. As such, we are very proud that the Moseley space is possibly the best yet offering parents a welcoming and relaxing area to have a coffee and talk or even do some work – there’s even great Wi-Fi and a Nespresso machine so perhaps can save the walk to the coffee shop!

To find out more about Bright Minds Daycare or to book a private tour around the gorgeous Moseley nursery, please visit our website or call us on 0121 582 1510.