From weaning to feasting, our freshly prepared meals appeal to all of our little superstars’ appetites.

We understand that nutrition has a major impact on a child’s development and there is undeniably a strong link between nutrition, health and learning. Subsequently, we serve well-balanced meals that provide the goodness children need for healthy growth and mental development.

In our diverse kitchen, we have a designated halal-friendly area for preparing and cooking of food. In line with Halal requirements, there are separate facilities such as chilled storage compartments and utensils.

We consciously select fresh ingredients and offer a wide variety of different flavours, textures and cuisines to help children develop a healthy and varied approach to food. Children are always encouraged to try new foods and eat the meals provided as they watch their peers do the same – many parents are surprised by just how adventurous their little ones can be!

Where possible, we also try to encourage the children to be confident with their food choices by offering meals such as mildly spiced jalfrezi curry or lamb chilli.

At Bright Minds, we consistently deliver a high standard and cater to all dietary requirements or preferences including dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free diets. We will accommodate to any child that may need it and offer creative alternatives to match the dishes of that day. Every day we serve breakfast, lunch and tea, with fresh healthy snacks twice a day to keep our children nourished and energised.

Our menus change with the seasons and are carefully coordinated to provide wholesome, nutritionally balanced diets for our tiny diners. Our little superstars deserve nothing less than a mini Michelin star menu.

View our latest autumn/winter menu below!