Taj is a father to two children, a son (now 20) and a late teenage daughter, both of whom have gone through a private nursery system within Birmingham.

It was the reflections of a father nearly some 15 years after sending his children to nursery/pre-school that made Taj realise the sector hadn’t really moved on.

He has seen his children go through an educational system where conformity is expected and at many junctures, personality and individualism has been somewhat dampened.

With this in mind, he and his fellow visionary (Talon) set out to create environments that promote and nurture the individualism of a child within the best settings across the Midlands where the child’s development and personal journey is second to none.

‘Please come and see us at Bright Minds and let the magical journey begin as we believe that both you and your child deserve the best.’ Taj Heer